Wyoming Patient Stories

R- Anonymous -Female – Freemont County – Patient – Cronic Pain

I have had fibromyalgia since I was 16, I’ve suffered through chronic pain, and CBD and THC are the only things that helped when I have a flare-up. I’ve been prescribed opiate after opiate. But I’ve never liked the way they make me feel.

My ex is currently struggling with opioid addiction and has several problems that coincide with that. I’d like to see fewer people in this state addicted to something that will one day kill them, and see them using a safer alternative such as cannabis. Something that isn’t addictive like these nasty pills.

A – Anonymous- Male – Campbell County – Wyoming – Patient – TBI

When I was 15 I was in a coma for just a little over 3 1\2 weeks. I had a severe traumatic brain injury. I had to learn how to talk, and walk again, along with several other daily life activities.

I have no physical disabilities. I have a severe mood disorder. I have been on so many different medications, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, ridlin, Trazadone, Depakote, and many other man-made pharmaceuticals. Each and every medication has had a negative impact on my life, either on my health massive weight gain, pre-diabetes, heart problems, my emotional well-being, irritation, depression, dependency, or has caused unwanted problems.

Male breast growth, ticks, nightmares, overeating. I don’t like taking any of these pharmaceutical medications. The side effects of these medications are not worth a temporary band-aid to help me feel better.

Now I want to voice how much my mom hated Marijuana at one point. My mom thought every plant should be killed and no one should have access to it. over the years she has seen me medicate with marijuana and now she feels there are people who need this natural medication.

She will tell you that there is no pill on the face of this earth that has helped me to the point Marijuana has. Her opinion about the plant has done a 180 after seeing how much it helps me. When I take medication it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to somewhat help me. I have severe depression and a single small puff of cannabis is an instant relief from my dark place in my mind. Cannabis helps my mood swings.

It’s not OK I have to struggle to get along with my family and friends at times. It’s really not right for my family to go through hell because I can have an instant mood shift, and it is not OK my family has to go through these tough times with me. My mood swing has destroyed relationships with family and friends. I need effective medication.  This is Wyoming that did this to me.

S – Anonymous- Female – Natrona County – Wyoming – Patient – Lupus

I was diagnosed with Lupus as a small child. The pain and weakness this caused led to many doctors, and big pharma taking over my life, for almost 30 years, with medications as awful as hydrocodone, Lyrica, and Butrans patches, causing even MORE health problems, and leaving me unable to participate in my own life.

Recent problems with prescribers unwilling to refill the same prescriptions I’ve been on for up to 30 years, with no change in dose for most of that time, as well as the government deciding that they need to have 100% control over every aspect of a disabled person’s life, led me to start doing a whole lot of searching for safer, more effective, and life-giving alternatives, which led me to God’s gift of marijuana.

God gave us this miracle. Let’s not let the govt prevent us from being healthy, by legislating against it. I beg you, Wyoming state legislature, to approve medical marijuana”.

Tim  – Male – Natrona County – Wyoming – Patient – Reiter’s Syndrome

I am 64 yrs old, when I was about 13 or 14 I was diagnosed with Reiter’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease. In 2010 part of my colon and bladder had to be removed due to 50 yrs of steroids and NSAIDS.

I cannot take any medication without health issues and I don’t want to die, I am very careful with my diet but I don’t have any medication for my pain, I would like to try Medical Cannabis without going to jail. My days are miserable.






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