Rhonda Barth: Cody Wyoming A Veterans Story

Rhonda Barth: Cody Wyoming A Veterans Story
Her story about her Husband Willam.

Older man in photo with woman wearing glasses
Willam Barth was a Vietnam Veteran who contacted Agent Orange. For many years of his life, he lived on opioids with major doses of morphine and other harmful drugs to control his pain. After many years of his pain management, the Veterans Administration told his wife and him, they were taking him off those harmful drugs with no pain management.

William suffered from cardiac problems that caused serious complications to his health, although the Veterans Administration had no other alternatives.
William and Rhonda learned that Cannabis medication could help him and it did. He was opioid-free and lived four and half years on Cannabis before his death. Cannabis helped this Veteran live a pain-free life the last four years of his life.

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