Casey Fletcher A Wyoming Story – Rock Springs

My name is Casey Fletcher, I am yet another victim of the victim-less crime of getting caught with cannabis in Wyoming.

A man smiling with a tshirt on and a beard and mustache Cannabis literally saved my life. Cannabis helped get me off all the terrible drugs that my counselors were prescribing to me for depression and anxiety. Many of those drugs gave me permanent side effects such as being ultra shaky & having a hard time with my sinuses & throat going numb.

That’s when I couldn’t take their harsh drugs and the countless terrible side-effects anymore, so I refused them, then they also refused to counsel me if I stopped taking their drugs.  I had a hard choice, especially if I admitted that I’ve researched and tried cannabis with much better results.

Since then, I had moved to Colorado and obtained my medical marijuana card prescribed by a Doctor. A short time later, I  had to move back to Wyoming to take care of my elderly father.

Well because cannabis is the only life-saving medicine that safely counters my severe depression & major anxiety disorders, with only positive side effects like good sleep & appetite. I have to obtain my medication outside of my state.

Well, I was unfortunately pulled over for speeding one night here in Wyoming right after I got back from Colorado a few weeks ago. I was then arrested for a warrant that they couldn’t and still can’t tell me where is from or what is for. After they cuffed me and put me in the back of the police car, for my first time in my life, by the way, the arresting officer pulled away as two more officers began to search my truck. My medicine was locked in the covered back of the truck, at the very back in a suitcase, & when I was at the station awaiting my first supposed offense that they could not describe in any way, the other officers came in with my monthly supply of cannabis and the tools that I consume it with.

After spending the night in a jail cell with some rather unfortunate drug users and watching fights break out right next to & in front of me, and not being able to eat any of the horrible food or sleep well,  as I sat there shaking cold for over 12 hours, my father bailed me out.

I now face extremely hefty fines and possible years in prison as some sort of further punishment. I had done a good job at staying on my medication, holding a job before this happened, being a good person who caused absolutely no harm or threat to anyone, and in fact taking good care of myself.

Well since then I have had uncontrollable panic attacks with many bad side effects like not sleeping, unable to eat, and breathing problems, not only from having no medication for my disorders but from worrying that I could be imprisoned for a very long time, as well as owe insane amounts of money for having my medicine here in Wyoming ( MY HOME).

I do not, and will not drink alcohol ever. I do not and will not ever take harmful drugs. I walk or bike to work on time every day, I am a very health-conscious, all-around Good Samaritan that would literally never hurt a fly. Thank you for the opportunity to post my story here & I will keep you informed.

Why is it a law abiding citizen, such as myself cannot obtain medication to help my health?  I hope that the leaders of Wyoming are on the patient’s side with this legislation

Sincerely, Casey Fletcher

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