Rose Cain A Wyoming Story Rose Cain is from Rawlins Wyoming. She supports Medical Cannabis in Wyoming. This is her story. Due to Roses's health issues with Lyme Disease, she has been a medical cannabis user since 2011 due to chronic pain issues for 15 years.

For many years she was subjected to the use of Opioids, which caused her memory loss Her condition caused her to have the inability to move. Many of Roses's years with her children she lost due to her medical condition. She says she missed out on her kid's lives due to her health issues from neuropathy and memory loss. Rose took her life back in 2012 because of her ability to use Cannabis.  Before then she was in bed for over 2 years.   Today, because she uses cannabis for her health and medical conditions and it, has improved her memory and her quality of life. Today, she runs 3 companies, and now enjoys her 6 grandchildren. Rose has this message for her legislators, "Cannabis is not addicting. I have my memory back. I have my life back. I speak for so many like me who are afraid to come forward. Wyoming needs Medical Cannabis. Please support medical cannabis in Wyoming". #wyoming #medicalcannabis #patientsfirst #MyLife #mychoice