Study 2018 By Centennial Institute

Study 2018 By Centennial Institute

This “Study” done in 2018 By Centennial Institute, has been more than discredited, it has been called out by many professionals for the low quality of the data it produced. The data from this study has no actual application, as the study accounts for things as ridiculous as estimating an increased dropout rate from legalization with a cost of 1.1 Billion per year.

From Vice article:

“It was published on the university’s website, not in an academic journal. A for-hire, family-run research firm called QREM was “commissioned… to create the report,” according to an introductory letter from Jeff Hunt, a former staffer for Rick Santorum and a staunch Trump supporter who serves as Colorado Christian’s vice-president of public policy—as well as the Centennial Institute’s director. Hunt appeared to be the only person remotely connected to academia who was involved in the study.

An avowed anti-legalization activist who led an unsuccessful effort to end Denver’s annual 4/20 rally, Hunt recently appeared on Fox News to rail about the dangers of marijuana to young people. Successful as a pundit and agitator, Hunt does not appear to have academic credentials, either as a social scientist or data researcher. According to his LinkedIn, he has degrees in divinity and political management and worked in conservative politics and media before joining CCU in November 2015.

….”Guesswork + bias + arithmetic,” Kleiman said in an email by way of appraisal of the Centennial report, adding that it was not a workable “benefit-cost analysis.”

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