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Casey Fletcher A Wyoming Story – Rock Springs

My name is Casey Fletcher, I am yet another victim of the victim-less crime of getting caught with cannabis in Wyoming. Cannabis literally saved my life. Cannabis helped get me off all the terrible drugs that my counselors were prescribing to me for depression and anxiety. Many of those drugs gave me permanent side effects such as being ultra shaky […]

Rhonda Barth: Cody Wyoming A Veterans Story

Rhonda Barth: Cody Wyoming A Veterans Story Her story about her Husband Willam. Willam Barth was a Vietnam Veteran who contacted Agent Orange. For many years of his life, he lived on opioids with major doses of morphine and other harmful drugs to control his pain. After many years of his pain management, the Veterans Administration told his wife and […]

A-Anonymous- Buffalo A Wyoming Story

A-Anonymous- Buffalo A Wyoming Story

A- Anonymous is diagnosed with Multiple Scoliosis (MS). This is her Story. I was recently diagnosed with MS and recently convicted of possession of a controlled substance less than 3 oz. Really, they found a glass jar containing a marijuana odor, and I was convicted of possession with one-year probation with monthly drug tests. I am not allowed to use […]

K- Anonymous

K- Anonymous

K- Anonymous Rock Springs – Sweetwater County   Hello. I’m 31 years old. I live with chronic pain from fibromyalgia. There are days it hurts to move pain medication do not help. I also have high blood pressure issues. Last week I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis/ bladder pain syndrome with ibs. I have many health issues and have been […]

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