Contact your Legislator

Contact your Legislator

Working together we can get this bill passed to help the many people in Wyoming who can benefit from cannabis medicine.

Here is what you need to say to your member in the House or Senator.  Here is a sample email.  We suggest you email both Senators and Represenatives and call them to leave a message.

Sample Email:

Dear (Wyoming State Senator/Representative;

My name is _________________ and I live in _________________ (town). I need your support on Medical Cannabis, because I live with a condition that would greatly benefit from these thereapies or medicines.

(Tell Your Story).


House Bill 209 is currently is up for discussion. Please support this legislation for not only me but for the others in Wyoming who can benefit from this legislation. Thank you for your leadership.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Your Name

Your address

Your contact phone.

You can find your legislator at this link and their email and phone.

Wyoming Leg Link

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